Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little something for everyone.

Choice Cuts- A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World and Throughout History. -Mark Kurlansky Ed.

The whole 'savory selection' part of the title really does not do this book justice. This is a vast selection of some very good food writing some from very notable authors. Some of whom are well known for their writing Elizabeth David, Brillat-Savarin. Yet the vast majority however are a little more obscure. These prove to be the real strength of the book. Who hasn't heard of Proust and his madelines? But how often is Verral quoted about his views on peas? How many times have Newfoundlander's feelings about scrunchions been looked into?

Granted one might jump to the obvious question are these opinions that important? doesn't matter. The fact they have as well as many other have been included is the important thing. This is an interesting all inclusive book.

Certainly there is no shortage of information. The selections here range from a whimsical few lines to several detailed pages. The dates range anywhere from 300 BC to close to present day. Despite this impressive collection it is all neatly condensed in to chapter by subject from chocolate to bugs; from eggs to the Germans. What more could you want?

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