Saturday, July 19, 2008

New York at it's best.

On the Town in New York- Michael and Ariane Batterberry.

There is no question that New York is a city of great food. It has been for quite some time. 

In this book culinary couple Michael and Ariane Batterberry, founders of 'Food and Wine' magazine explore the history of the nightlife of the city. What are the reasons that New York has become such a focal point of the culinary world?Certainly the dinning scene to day bears little resemblance to the way that it was a hundred years ago. They have done a good job of tracing that change.

Certainly this is a well written and documented book. Anyone interested in food will enjoy and find this a most interesting  read. As will anyone who is interested in New York City itself. What the authors have have managed to do is to capture the essence of the place. Not an easy task. New York being the place that it is changes and evolves. A good picture has been drawn of the different stages that the places has been through. This in turn helps paint a bigger picture of the ever evolving culinary scene.

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